Our customers are from diversified industrial sectors based in various parts of the World. Majority of our customers are located in the emerging economies of Asia-pacific and the Middle East. We deal with the variety of industries right from trading customers to the end users in galvanizing, alloys, battery manufacturing, steel, roads and pavements, grilling and oil, chemical and paintings, piping and etc.

We operate from major ports in the UAE, from where all of our products are shipped to our customers. We work with all kinds of shipment norms and international laws as our products are shipped through out the world. With our major network of suppliers based in the Middle east, Turkey and Russia, fine quality ores and concentrates are traded to our major customers who are based in Europe, Middle east, China and India. Apart from our core products we also trade in Mining machineries and equipment tools in and around Asia pacific and Middle East. We source the general and customized machineries that are used in drilling, mining, refining and smelting processes.

We make the products as per the customer requirements and we ship them right to the customer destination according to the preferred shipping method and we make sure that we deliver them at the right time at the right place with the exceptional quality.

As one of the largest supplier of Gilsonite in Middle-East, we are proudly nominate as our representative in UK which leads us to strong presence in Europe.