Hillington Int. Group is one of the leading multinational focussed in diversified industries from mining to the marketing of minerals and making investments in the tourism and hospitality sector globally. We source and procure Gilsonite, Bitumen and Ferrous & non-ferrous metals from our own and other resources, we market and trade them to our most valuable customers based in related industries on one end. On the other, we manage a portfolio of investments privately and jointly in the areas of mining and hospitality. We trade with traders, corporates, manufacturers and end users.

“To develop and establish our brand in the markets we operate through the products we trade and the services we offer”

At HIG, We believe in adding value to our corporate and SME clients in terms of quality and services, through the portfolio of products we trade in the market .We hedge the market uncertainties through our strategic know-hows and market intelligence. Our team of experts source the high quality suppliers from the emerging to mature economies and market them to various industries from the traders to end users, small to medium scale enterprises and from Corporations to Conglomerates.

We are committed to differentiate ourselves through the quality and service of our business. When it comes to quality there are no compromises as we inspect our supplies to the up to date international standards and compliances. With our state of the art supply chain management we track every stage of the good and hand them at the right time at the right destination. Our investment experts look for profitable investment ventures through out the globe to maximise the value.

Hillington International Group (HIG), headquartered in the United Arab Emirates was established with an aim to develop and sustain our brand value in the markets we operate.