About us

Who we are

Hillington International Group (HIG), headquartered in the United Arab Emirates was established with an aim to develop and sustain our brand value in the markets we operate. With the team of expertise, specialized especially in sourcing and trading non-ferrous commodities in the global markets with the years of professional experience in the commodity trading and mining industry. With our offices located in London and Shanghai, we understand the necessities of our regional customers and we serve them better in every possible way. We deal with the variety of Lead and Zinc ingots and concentrates from our supply chain based in the Middle East and Asia and we ship them to our customers through out the world. Our relationship with our suppliers and customers is based on mutual trust and our appetite for sustainable growth. Apart from our product lines, we also offer trading services for the products related to industry metals and mining industry.
Our culture is based on the passion and the ability to undergo the challenges. We handle the business in a proactive and strategic manner. The company is closely managed by our founders in order to understand our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations in every way.

What we do

HIG operates in the metals industry, commodity market. We trade non-ferrous metals such as lead and zinc both in the form of intermediate concentrates and end ingots. HIG sources the finest quality of lead and zinc from its own and third party suppliers and delivers it to both traders and end consumers.
The demand for lead is increasing especially in the emerging markets as the production and manufacturing sectors are growing at a rapid pace. Lead, is used mainly in the production of lead acid batteries has a direct relationship with the economic activity and a commodity well known for its volatile behavior. Apart from the fact that this industry is turbulent in the context of febrile market conditions, faces competitive pressures on one hand and exacerbated by weakening global economy on the other, gives us an opportunity to survive and fight in extreme treacherous conditions. Except these conditions the growing demand from the emerging BRIC economies and increasing environmental concerns finds new applications and markets for lead. This indeed keeps the industry growing in spite of the weakening global economy.
Zinc is no exception as it suffers from volatility due to the global macroeconomic factors. As a major consumer of zinc, the galvanizing industry depends on the growth of the construction and automotive sector, which is in turn dependent on the economic factors. These factors impose some of toughest challenges in the industry.
Through our team of expertise, apart from trading we do the due diligence on markets to analyze the market and industry trends. In HIG we adopt a proactive approach to identify and mitigate the risk factors in the business as a whole so that we can retain our focus on products and customers.